Send Email Contact Birthday – Workflow Way

To send a contact birthday wish is a standard requirement in marketing. Unfortunately, Salesforce does provide out of the box solution; to make this work, we need a little bit setup.

  • Create a Date custom form for next year birthday.
  • Create the first workflow to send the happy birthday email on the day and set the Next_Birthday__c to next null;

    Create a workflow rule with the rule criteria below.

    Set 2 time-base workflows; 1 to send the email, another one to update Next_Birthday back to null.

  • Create the second workflow to set the next birthday. If the date of next birthday < today, then It should be next year. Otherwise, It will be next birthday > Today.
Create a field update with Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change Option.

Formula: IF(DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH( Birthdate ),DAY(Birthdate )) < TODAY(),DATE(YEAR(TODAY())+1,MONTH( Birthdate ),DAY(Birthdate )),DATE(YEAR(TODAY()),MONTH( Birthdate ),DAY(Birthdate )))
  • Activate both workflows then It is up and run.